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Company Overview  

Doger Technology Development S.A.

We are a private company with the commitment to efficiently manage resources, with participatory planning, continuous improvement of processes and the achievement of greater effectiveness in meeting its objectives of forming individuals critical, creative and committed to society. 

Our company is qualified to follow each stage of the service and projects from the initial consulting, through design, budgeting, field implementation, commissioning, monitoring, project control to delivery and training of personnel who receive the solution. 

Service Philosophy 

The best high-tech manufacturers support their local representation networks ensuring that the customer has the best support in the shortest possible time. 

High tech products with more advanced R&D that can empower the customer with more secure, accurate and reliable access. 

Open systems that allow our customers to integrate our devices and solutions with more industry standards.

The best relationship Customer-Supplier of Seriousness, Responsibility and Cordiality assuring the best advice and feedback. 

Our Clients

  • Vopak 

  • Petroterminal de Panamá S.A. 

  • Refineria Panamá

  • RECOPE Costa Rica (Refinadora Costarricense de Petróleo)

  • ACP (Autoridad del Canal de Panamá)

  • Chevron Texaco

  • Terminal Decal Panamá 

  • Melones Oil Terminal  

Excela Interruptor Electrónico para Actualización de Plantas

La forma fácil y económica de actualizar.

Excela es el primer interruptor de su clase. Está diseñado para dar a los operadores de la planta una manera de bajo costo para modernizar el rendimiento con un interruptor electrónico, Excela solo usa dos hilos por lo que se puede colocar fácilmente dentro de la instalación existente de un interruptor mecánico. De hecho, este innovador interruptor electrónico de presión y temperatura, de alta calidad, ofrece todo lo que los operadores necesitan para un mejor rendimiento a un bajo costo.


Presostato Inteligente